Networking/Excursions - Exchange: An ETF Experience

Networking & Excursions

Exchange understands that how we connect and network needs to be improved.

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to facilitate one-on-one meetings, but have also put plenty of time and thought into the networking events we host at Exchange.

Check out all the happenings we have set for 2022.

Sunday Night Big Game Bash

Exchange starts a new tradition as we host the biggest Big Game party outside of Inglewood, California. Join your fellow advisors and ETF industry veterans along with our special surprise celebrity guest for an evening of tailgating, music, entertainment, and more, as we usher in the start of the Exchange Experience.

Monday Night Mission Miami

Exchange is all about the experience. For years networking relied on the idea that all you need to do is get people in a room and they will talk. We changed the game, inviting you to join us on a culture crawl of Miami Beach. The evening will feature 10 of the coolest Miami Beaches bars and restaurants. Hop from one to the next or set up shop at your favorite. There is no wrong way to enjoy the evening.

Tuesday Late Nite at LIV

No trip to Miami is complete without a night at LIV. Join us for an exclusive late-night party featuring live music, amazing cocktails, and more as we end the evening with a rocking party in Miami’s hottest night club. Don't forget to grab your poker chip to get past security!

Offsite Networking Excursions

Networking is not one size fits all. Our networking excursions are designed to be intimate, built for groups of 25- 50 people exploring all that Miami has to offer. Whether you enjoy the land or sea we have plenty of options to supercharge your networking experience. (*all excursions require pre-registration)
Monday, February 14 at 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Cuban Heritage Tour

Miami pulses to the beat of an original blended culture. Come with us on a journey through the story of Miami’s Cuban community. The tour stops at a well-loved marketplace, great Cuban food spots, moving monuments, art galleries, and, of course, a boutique Cuban Cigar shop. Prepare yourself for a day of discovery and fun!

South Beach Bike Tour

South Beach is one of those rare locales where every turn reveals a new visual treasure. The narrative of this glamorous resort in the sun is artfully retold as your cycling host navigates the streets and pathways past museums and historic art deco buildings. You are sure to become a South Beach “expert” during this unforgettable experience.

South Beach Food Tour

On the South Beach Food Tour, you will taste the best of Miami Beach’s global (“melting-pot”) cuisine. During this fun and engaging walking tour of the Art Deco Historic District, you will discover the history and architecture of this area, all with a culinary twist.

Wynwood Walls & Brewery Tour

Join in the aerosol action with Miami’s Best Graffiti guide and get skool’d in the art of graffiti. Learn the history, the language, the rules, and tools and techniques of this rogue art. Discuss your favorite pieces of graffiti and favorite brews as you tour Miami's hottest local breweries.

Kayak Monument Island Tour

Embark on a kayak trip across the clear blue waters of the bay. Explore seagrass beds and mangroves while you take in seabirds, dolphins, and other exotic marine life. On our journey we will head over to the picturesque Flagler Monument Island, where we will take a nature tour before heading back to land.

Miami Speedboat Tour

Buckle your seat belt and hold on tight as you power through the beautiful blue waters of Miami. This jet boat tour will open a entirely new angle of Miami before dropping you off at a local hotspot for amazing bites and artfully crafted cocktails.

Braindate Bonanza

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a large-scale event. Meetings run long, start late, and you can’t find a quiet place to chat. Exchange puts all that to rest with our Braindate Bonanza.

With dedicated meeting times carved out of the day to allow you to book meetings, join an advisor-led working group or finish your due diligence meetings. Through our state-of-the-art meeting app, you’re able to seamlessly integrate your calendar and event schedule to book meetings with ease.

2:10 - 3:40 p.m.

Dedicated Meeting Time: Use It Wisely

As we come to the close of Tuesday, we know it gets harder and harder to find time to catch up with the person you keep passing in the hall. Now is your time to book a braindate and have our on-site concierge find you a table and make sure you’re set up for success.

2:10 - 3:00 p.m

Peer-To-Peer Working Groups

Each peer group will have a leader, and pre-registration is encouraged (25 people max)


Putting Yourself First To Better Serve Your Clients

The demands on today’s advisors are almost unreasonable, and often leave advisors exhausted. In this session, your peers share how they stay sharp, maintain their mental health and why that allows them to serve clients better by caring for themselves.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me

ETFs have created an investing world in which price matters more than ever before. As fees continue to compress, when will the bubble burst for advisors? In this peer-led session, we discuss ways to source new revenue streams and how to protect current ones.


The Rebundling Of The RIA: The 21st Century Wirehouse

While some advisors are still leaving the confines of the wirehouse model, many are finding the journey too arduous. Will we see a reverse of the trend as breakaway advisors look for support and resources? Our industry veterans share their thoughts and insights on what the RIA market will look like in five years.

Guided Exchange Marketplace Tours

Want to meet the newest ETF issuers? Find the hottest new funds? Uncover new advisor tech? Every major player in the ETF industry will be in our Exchange Marketplace, ready to answer your questions.

If you don’t know where to start, our Exchange Marketplace Tours will get you up close and personal with five leading firms from the ETF universe. (*Pre-registration required)