Agenda - Exchange: An ETF Experience


A reimagined agenda puts you at the center of the conversation.

New formats, more choices, and less of what you don’t want.

The editorial team at Exchange has been tirelessly working to create a content experience that is unmatched in the ETF universe. We take our direction from you the advisor. Your insights and needs helped shape and build the agenda. The team at Exchange has constructed a 4-day agenda unlike any ETF event. To see more of the agenda, our exciting formats, monster keynotes, and lively interactive sessions, click the link below.


New at Exchange

Exchange understands that the way we connect and network needs to be improved. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to facilitate one-on-one meetings, but have also put significant time and thought into the networking events we host at Exchange. Check out all the happenings we have set for 2022!

DEEP-DIVE SESSIONS (Preregistration Required)

Some topics are better as conversations. Our Deep Dives are just that—intimate, open dialogue with a roundtable layout. Engage directly with thought leaders from both inside and outside the ETF industry.


Pulling from our deep rolodex of podcasters and media personalities, Exchange Live brings the excitement of live media to conversations tackling many of the pressing issues facing advisors today.


Reminiscent of the more traditional conference stage, the Glimmer stage is our large-scale stage production, fit for hosting hard-hitting debates, out-of-the-box and insightful keynotes, and outside-the-industry trendy talks that are driving our industry forward, and making headlines around the world.

NETWORKING EXCURSIONS (Preregistration Required)

Networking is not one size fits all. These excursions are designed for smaller groups to connect, share experiences and explore all that Miami has to offer. Whether you enjoy the land or sea, we have plenty of options to supercharge your Exchange experience.


Every major player in the ETF industry will be at our Exchange Marketplace, ready to answer your questions. Not sure where to start? Our Marketplace Tours will get you up close and personal with five leading firms.